Knowledge sharing of cyber security
will enhance safety in cyberspace for many years to come.


The aim of this project is to construct a platform to solve the three issues facing cybersecurity.

Rising Complexity and Costs

In recent years, the cybersecurity market has grown at an annual rate of above 10%, driven by the increase in cyberattack-tactics employed by hackers as well as the expansion of cyberspace infrastructure. Today, security measures are required for software and applications in not only computers, but also in smartphones, watches, cars, and home appliances.

Shortage of cybersecurity personnel

Despite the growing need for cybersecurity, a lack of security experts has become a key issue. Japanese companies, for example, lacked an estimated 161,140 personnel in 2018, according to the “Trends and Outlook of IT Personnel Report” conducted by the METI. By 2020, the demand for cybersecurity will only increase and the shortage is forecasted to rise to 200,000. Globally, BCG estimates the world would face a shortage of approximately 1,800,000 persons by 2022.

Vicious Cycle caused by the accumulation of Cyber Security Knowledge

As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity has become more complicated because of an increase in the number of cyberattack-methods used by hackers as well as an increase in the number of cyber-connected devices (i.e. expansion of cyber infrastructure). In an ideal world, preventive measures against cyberattacks should be incorporated in the planning stage of a software / application development process, as it significantly reduces the cost of cybersecurity. Unfortunately, most companies take reactive measures – tackling cybersecurity issues after problems have surfaced.

Current state of the market.

Top 5 ranking of defence capabilities in 134 countries

2.The United States of America
4.Sultanate of Oman

The 5 countries where cyber attacks originate

1.The United States of America

Although there is the economic disparities between nations,
some countries which hardly have economic strength pay attention to the cyber security in their own countries.
The effort for cyber securitiy varies in even developped contries due to lack of social and leagal foundations.
The variation will be enhanced by inefficiently devoted resource.

Eliminate intermediaries, connect users directly.

Private customer A

Resister on program. request web application.

Coporate customer B

Resister on program. request Business System & IOS application.

Coporate customer C

Resister on program. request Business System & IOS application.

Cybersecurity company D

Report the bug.

Hacker E

Report the bug. get coins.

Hacker F

Report the bug.
Platform concept
Proof of concept


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Token Sales

Only those who may fully agree with the following terms and conditions purchase at your own risk.

1.Reading the white paper carefully

You shall fully agree with the Terms and Conditions and shall accept that it has a legal binding power.

2.Pursuant to the law applicable to the place of your residence

You are entitled to purchase this token. Especially, residents of the United States of America or resident of the People's Republic of China may never purchase this token.

3.For the purpose

You would not purchase it for the purpose of speculative investment.

4.Consider the risks

You shall carefully consider the risks, such as risk for purchasing and doing business and otherwise, and purchase it with an understanding of them.

We shall not use token sale for any illegal acts including money laundering and financing for terrorists.

ERC-20 token

LC token is a mintable ERC-20 token which is issued mainly for the purpose of using value distribution of Bug Bounty.

Ethereum for purchase

Ethereum is required for purchase. After purchase, No cancellation and no refundable.

Road Map

Issuing a token as “LC token”
Publication of LP (URL:https://laocon.io)
Publication of whitepaper (1st edition)
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (β version)
Development <<Requirement definition>>
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (β version)
Development <<UI & system design>>
Publication of whitepaper (2nd edition)
Start of LC Token Sales <<Secret Sales>>
- Sales target:$50 million
- Sales period:3 month
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (β version)
Development <<System development>>
Launch of LAOCON Platform system (β version)
Publication of whitepaper (Final edition)
Start of LC Token Sales <<Pre Sales>>
- Sales target:$ 30 million
- Sales period:1 month
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (product version)
Development <<Requirement definition>>
Start of Building cyber security team & recruitment
Start of Event Preparation “Laocon Hacking party”
Start of LC Token Sales <<Public Sales>>
- Sales target:$ 20 million
- Sales period:1 month
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (product version)
Development <<UI & system design>>
Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (product version)
Development <<System development>>
Listing on exchange
Launch of LAOCON Platform system (product version)
LC token distribution
Laocon business start

Our Team


Machine learning expert with a deep-learning specialization and software development background. Responsible for platform RD & concept demonstration and project / marketing. Joined a major Japanese IT company as a new graduate, He has a deep knowledge in computer vision and AI system, including achievements at the top international conference.


10+years of experience in real estate transactions and advisories. A highly skilled professional in developing trading strategies and building investment portfolios. Over the course of his career he managed complex projects and was actively engaged in business development. Total direction of project progress making use of connection experience at the time. Responsible for securing personnel necessary for marketing, platform creation and operation.

Ressos Legal Pte. Ltd.

International law firm with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong. A highly skilled professional in ICO. Responsible for planning legal opinions on the legal nature of tokens, countermeasures against money laundering on utility tokens, securing AML manuals and compliance policies

Taiki Higashi
Business consultant

Joined IBM Japan as new graduate, and engaged in Business(ERP) and IT consulting . He Experienced various projects such as requirement definition of core system, design / development, marketing strategy and new business development. In October 2017, he moved to a foreign-affiliated consulting firm and engage in projects such as M & A strategy planning, business DD, business value evaluation and marketing support.

Dongying Li
Arteryex,Inc CEO

Joined IBM Japan as a new graduate, and engaged in a wide range of IT projects, such as ERP implementation, business transformation, system development and so on. In 2016, participated in launching a friend's blockchain Startup, experienced business plan and system design utilizing blockchain.In 2017, joined KPMG Consulting and provided the latest ICT strategy for government agencies and ICO consulting services for general corporations. In 2018 Established Art.

Kimito Hori

Certified public accountant In working Tax office of Tokyo National Taxation Bureau, I was conducting a corporate tax inspections. In working for Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC, I was in charge of accounting audits of listed companies such as major manufacturers and department stores. In addition, I was engaged in Initial Public Offering, FAAS (financial accounting advisory service). Since 2018 he works as an accounts and tax department manager at a major holding company.

Vladimir Nikitin

Professional legal consultant, financial advisor with over ten years’ experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Well-known cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, I provide consultancy and advice to selected ICOs in the CIS region. My network in the crypto community counts over 31 000 followers.

Nikolay Shkilev
Crypto enthusiast and mentor.
Rated Top 3 in People of Blockchain.

Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business. Self-Made Russia award. Tech guru. Super TOP award etc. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received "Enterprise of the Year" award in the Kremlin. Has a business in various directions.
Co-Founder "Top ICO advisors".

Jason Hung

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is co-founder of GFOB (Global Federation of Oxford Blockchain), and Keyman Technology Ltd, IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain) advisor. He is the world top 3 expert ranked by ICOBench, help on more than 40 projects include IOTW, Gemstra, NHCT, Buying.com, DEPO, CyClean, INTRO, ICOMax, BitRewards, DateCoin, eCoinomic, USAT, EVENFOUND, and AllSporter. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 patents which using at more than 2000 Apps.

Jay M Kim

Entrepreneur in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry who founded successful Korean Crypto community sites (ICO Schedule, Coin Press & more). He incubates and advises ICOs (E.g. Clout.io, Cubeint.io etc.) and owns masternodes. Previously he was head of enterprise mobility business development at Samsung and has held different IT & Telecom positions at Samsung, Motorola, Ericsson. He has deep understanding of Korean, US, European and Indian business cultures and is fluent in English & Korean languages. He received MS degree from University of Chicago